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     I started my interest in art in my early teens with two years of working in a commercial studio creating Byzantine mosaic murals, while still in high school. Also, during that time, I designed and cut semi precious stones into jewelry. I was given my first camera when I was about fifteen years of age and later secured three years of college training in photography. I attended Art Center School in Los Angeles and then majored in ceramics and printmaking at Northridge State University. After graduation my black and white Etchings were juried into the Laguna Art Association, as well as The Los Angeles Art Association.

     My first job after attending the University of California graduate arts program was a photographer's assistant in a Hollywood studio and then as an Art Director and Executive Producer in T.V. commercials for two different advertising agencies; where, I received two Cleo awards. After moving to Northern California in the early seventies, I started a career as a builder and designer of floating houseboats in Sausalito and now have returned to my roots as an artist and sculptor. After working with Stained Glass for many years, I have now turned my complete attention and love towards thick fused cast glass. My judicious use of dichroic coated glass in my castings shows a special sparkle that I call magic, which allows me to explore light and its many reflections. I am also casting borosilicate glass that allows large glass sculptures to be displayed outside.

Mark Levy
Cast Glass Artist