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Richard Mravik was born on July 17, 1973 in the city of Nove Zanky, Slovakia.  Like most Eastern European artists, Mravik began painting at a very early age.  Blessed with a natural talent for capturing reality and bringing it to life on canvas, Mravik’s exceptional skill was immediately recognized.  Mravik exploded onto the art scene as a highly sought after portrait painter.  Inundated with commissions, Mravik was grateful for his success as a fine art portrait painter, but he longed to focus on his true love, Nature.  For this is what fed his desire to paint and filled his heart with inspiration.  

When Mravik was 18 years old, he was forced to put his artistic career on hold in order to fulfill required military service for the Slovak Army, a charge that all Slovakian young men must answer.  Thankfully, it was a time of peace and much of his service was spent patrolling the countryside with Army jeeps and trucks.  Although, he longed to return to his art, at least this kept him close to nature.     

In 1993 Slovakia separated from the Czech Republic and he was released from duty.   With a renewed spirit, and reinforced clarity, Mravik picked up his brushes and oils again and began to paint.  This time determined to focus on his one, undeniable source of rapture, Mother Nature.

Mravik relocated to Canada in 1999 and was rapidly introduced to the North American art scene. He has travelled across Canada, camping in the wilderness province by province, acquainting himself with Canada’s natural heritage.  

Nature’s constantly changing landscape surrounds Mravik with an infinite source of inspiration. Gazing upon one of Mravik’s masterpieces is mind boggling.  Frequently, the viewer’s initial reaction is that of disbelief.  “This painting is too perfect, it must be a photograph”.  Without fail, closer inspection gives way to a sudden awareness of greatness, overwhelming the viewer, pulling them deeper into a perfect world created by a true genius.  Every meticulously placed brushstroke tells a story; the story of a man’s unyielding love for earth’s natural beauty and his ability to manifest this love for all to see.